Safe, clean and reliable transport of medicines

Pharmaceutical transport

Pharmaceutical transport is safe, clean and reliable all the way! The most important requirements for pharmaceutical transport are safety, cleanliness and reliability. The composition of the medicines must remain unchanged. Medicines are also valuable items that require extra care during transport.

Reliability is a priority

When the drivers know how to act, the medicines are delivered safely, cleanly and reliably. Our drivers undergo regular training and the transport is carried out in accordance with GDP (good distribution practice). We have strict regulations for, for example, overnight stays: they should take place in supervised parking areas, to eliminate the risk of burglary. We use modern and clean vehicles, which are suitable for the transport of both medicines and food.

We have invested heavily in temperature-controlled transport. During these transports, the temperature is monitored using a follow-up system so that the temperature is kept within given limits. With the help of the system, the staff and the driver have access to real-time information about the transport temperature and route. Many medicines need to be transported at exactly the right temperature, in order for their composition to be maintained.

If you value high-quality control and want to monitor your transports yourself, contact us and ask more!

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