ADR - Transport of dangerous goods

ADR — Transport of dangerous goods

Transporting dangerous goods is safe and secure with Scandic Trans! The transport of dangerous goods is regulated by many laws and regulations. The aim of these regulations is to prevent dangerous situations. Correct lashing, positioning and stowing of the load improves driving safety.

ADR Transport

We ensure that all equipment associated with the transports is in order and that the drivers have correct and up-to-date training for Dangerous Goods Transports. We are happy to train our drivers a little more than is required. The most important thing is to avoid any accidents or damage to the load. By doing the right thing from the start, we help our customers save both money and the environment. If you want more information about safe transport, ask us!

To be observed when transporting hazardous substances

It is the sender's responsibility to complete the DGD form
The DGD form carefully communicates the UN number and net and gross weight of the product
The original signature of the consignor shall appear on the DGD form

Hazardous substances include:

Target colors
Detergents for industry
Cosmetic products

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