ADR - Transport of dangerous goods

ADR — Transport of dangerous goods

ADR or "Dangerous Goods" is a collective term for substances and objects that can cause damage to people, the environment or property, if not handled properly during transportation. The transportation of dangerous goods is regulated by many laws and regulations. The purpose of these regulations is to prevent hazardous situations. The concepts of transport of dangerous goods or ADR transport cover more than just movement by vehicle. It also includes loading and unloading as well as the storage and handling of dangerous goods related to the transport. Proper lashing, positioning and stowing of the load improves driving safety.

ADR transport with Scandic Trans

ADR transportation is always safe and secure with Scandic Trans. We ensure that all equipment related to the transport is in good condition and that the drivers have correct and updated training for the transportation of dangerous goods. We are happy to train our drivers even a little more than required - the most important thing is to avoid any accidents or damage to the cargo. By doing the right thing from the start, we help our customers save both money and the environment. If you want more information about safe ADR transportation and ADR goods, ask us!

More about dangerous goods and ADR

The classification of dangerous goods determines how ADR transport is carried out. The consignor is responsible for the correct classification of the dangerous goods but all actors involved - consignor, loader, unloader, carrier and consignee - are responsible for ensuring that the handling of dangerous goods is followed throughout the supply chain. Dangerous goods are divided into nine different groups and classified in accordance with the UN regulations on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR).

Keep in mind when transporting dangerous goods

It is the sender's responsibility to complete the DGD form
The DGD form carefully communicates the UN number and net and gross weight of the product
The original signature of the consignor shall appear on the DGD form

Hazardous substances may include:

Detergents for industry
Cosmetic products

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