Customs clearance and forwarding

Customs clearance and forwarding

Our expertise in customs clearance and forwarding ensures smooth documentation and efficient flow of goods. Through us you get professional customs clearance and forwarding services related to export and import trade.

Worry-free shipping

We have decades of experience in customs clearance and forwarding tasks. We offer export and import clearances, temporary customs clearances, processing operations. Our expertise includes, among other things, container exports to the Far East and customs clearance of Russian shipments. Since we take care of all paperwork with customs and transport companies centrally, the customer has only one liability partner and receives only one invoice to pay. We tailor our services according to the customer's specific needs.

We are registered credit customer with Finnish Customs and handle customs clearance services electronically throughout Finland. We offer flexible, fast and professional service, with the help of which both documentation and freight flows are made more efficient.

In our freight forwarding assignments, we comply with the General Regulations of the Nordic Freight Forwarding Association (NSAB 2015) – otherwise we carefully observe all laws and regulations.

Import clearances and export clearances

Normal goods, sweets and other foodstuffs, hazardous substances
Shipments with own traffic (FI-NO, NO-FI)
Export declarations and documents
Centralised customs clearance on entry into the country, official notifications and documentation: paperwork with customs and transport companies, payment of expenses and one-off invoicing of the customer
Other customs clearance procedures: processing, temporary importation
Consultation in connection with customs clearances
Customs clearance cases in Turku: documents stamped manually in customs

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