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Temperature-regulated transport

Transporting and handling products in an unbroken cold chain, regardless of distance, is the most difficult type of logistics. We at Scandic Trans see every transport solution as if it were a question of value transport. This is especially true for temperature-regulated transportation. We are specialists in temperature regulated transports and have extensive experience and knowledge in the field. By leaving your refrigerated, frozen and thermal transports in our hands, you can be sure that the specific temperature is kept constant throughout the transport. Scandic Trans always strives to exceed your requirements for quality and safety.

Temperature-controlled transports - one of our niches

An important aspect of temperature-controlled transport is that the specific, selected temperature is kept constant throughout the transport. A stable temperature ensures that the composition of the product does not change and that it remains fresh and undamaged, whether it is refrigerated or thermal transport, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or other products that require temperature-controlled transport. Particularly sensitive to temperature variations are pharmaceuticals, paints and various types of frozen goods such as ice cream.

Training and equipment according to all requirements

Temperature-controlled transports requires a well-equipped fleet of vehicles (FNA/FRC), the right tools and competent staff. We continuously train our drivers and check the transport temperatures in real time with our monitoring system. Thanks to our modern fleet, we can offer different temperature zones in the same transport, with real-time temperature control.

Tailor-made specialist solutions

A key principle for Scandic Trans is that vehicles and equipment should work flawlessly and the staff should act appropriately in all situations. We want to make sure that the cargo reaches its destination in the same good condition as when it was loaded - this applies to all types of goods but is especially important for temperature-regulated transports. Regardless of the length of the transport or type of goods, we ensure an optimal transport solution tailored to your specific needs. Scandic Trans offers temperature-regulated transports in both the Nordic region and the rest of Europe, and all transports are carried out with the same high quality and functionality.

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