Terminal & warehouse logistics, smooth interim storage and handling of customs-cleared consignments

Terminal & warehouse logistics

If you need terminal & warehouse logistics, we offer smooth interim storage and handling of customs cleared shipments in Turku and Stockholm! Scandic Trans offers export and import forwarding services, domestic transport, local distribution, terminal operations and normal and temperature-controlled storage.


Scandic Trans has in Turku 2300 m2 terminal and storage area, with warehouse facilities for chilled, frozen and temperature controlled goods. In addition, we have access to several of our partners' terminals and warehouses in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Thanks to our well-functioning spaces, we can stage our customers' shipments for both shorter and longer times. We have expanded our cool storage area.

Terminal Stockholm

Scandic Trans use several subcontractors in Sweden, which means that the collection and distribution network works excellently even around the clock. Scandic Trans transhipment of temperature-controlled, chilled and frozen goods. Thanks to the terminal, loading can be optimized and the vehicles can be loaded full.

Scandic Logistics services in Turku:

Terminal and storage services
Intermediate storage
Short- and long-term storage
Packaging, labelling and distribution services
Statistics and reporting
Logistics service
Chilled space +2 ... +4
Freezer -25 ... -22
Dry space
Takeaway service
Contact us as you want flexibility and smooth service in the storage, shipments and handling of customs-coated shipments.

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