Sustainability and environment

On Scandic Trans we strive to be a pioneer when it comes to reducing the climate impact of traffic. Renewable fuels are a crucial factor for a sustainable logistics sector and since 2020 we offer all our customers greener transports by choosing renewable diesel, HVO. As a customer with us, you also have access to detailed emissions reports on request.

HVO-Diesel and Modern Vehicles

Environmental awareness and a greener supply chain are of greater importance today than ever before, in this chain transport also plays an important role. That's why we at Scandic Trans attaches great importance to meeting the requirements for sustainable transport that exist now, as well as the requirements that the future brings. 

A major step towards sustainable transport is the opportunity for our customers to choose HVO diesel for their transports. HVO is a fuel that greatly reduces vehicle CO2 emissions (up to 90%) and that the fuel is made from renewable raw materials such as waste and vegetable oils.

Our vehicles are modern and in good condition in order to maintain high efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of transports.

Emission and fuel consumption reports

Oy Scandic Trans Ab offers its customers detailed reports on emissions and fuel consumption if necessary. Reports are available both for individual shipments and for entire flows according to the customer's wishes. 

Scandic Trans Environmental objectives

Reduce emissions, reference EU climate and energy targets 2030
Streamline Transport Planning
Optimize equipment and material use

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