temperature-controlled transport equipment for the transport of foodstuffs

Foodstuff transport

Choose Scandic Trans for your foodstuff transport and get personalized service, fast and safe transport with the highest quality. Foodstuff transportation is not just about keeping goods hot or cold - many products have very precise temperature limits that cannot be exceeded or undercut. The chocolate must not be kept too hot or cold, the ice cream must not melt and the vegetables must not freeze.

A reliable and experienced logistics partner for foodstuff transportation

In other words, foodstuff transportation requires a reliable and experienced logistics partner, which you can find with us. Scandic Trans has deliberately and for a long time invested in temperature-controlled transport equipment for foodstuff transportation. Whether it's fruit, vegetables, dairy products, basic goods, beverages or sweets, we take care of your foodstuff transport exactly as required. Our network of foodstuff transportation routes covers all of Europe, including Scandinavia.

The Food Act regulates the transport of foodstuffs

Foodstuff transportation is a registered food business under Finnish law, which we at Scandic Trans take into account all the way, throughout the transportation. A vehicle used for transporting foodstuffs is considered a food premises under the Food Act and we strictly follow our self-monitoring system.

Our vehicles are equipped with temperature monitoring systems

Scandic Trans' extensive cooperation network across Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark ensures excellent safety in emergency situations in all types of foodstuff transport. Our vehicles are equipped with real-time temperature monitoring and our drivers have extensive experience in foodstuff transports. They are alerted if the temperature drops or rises too much. Since we invest in continuous training of our drivers, they have detailed instructions on how to act in case of any temperature deviations.

Our professional foodstuff transports ensures the right temperature and the highest quality

The industry's requirements, together with our own high internal requirements for personnel, vehicles, terminal management and distribution, guarantee the highest transport quality and the right temperature for your particular foodstuff transport. Regardless of whether you are a new or existing customer, whether you are in need of continuous transports or single transports, with us you get personalized service and a fast and safe transport of your foodstuff. Scandic Trans is with over 30 years of experience professionals in foodstuff transports.

Transport of foodstuff

+2 ... +4 C°
-22 ... +25 C°

Scandic Thermo fleet:

45 vehicles, of which 35 are suitable for frozen goods transport
Loading meters: up to 21,2
pallet places: up to 102 (double deck)
Equipped with real-time temperature monitoring

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