temperature-controlled transport equipment for the transport of foodstuffs

Food transport

Scandic Trans has invested heavily in temperature-controlled conveying equipment for food transport. Food transport is not just about keeping goods cold or hot. Many products have very precise temperature limits, which must not be exceeded or undershot. Chocolate must not be kept too hot or too cold, ice cream must not melt and vegetables must not freeze.

Fresh food all the way through

Our vehicles are equipped with real-time temperature monitoring. The driver is alerted if the temperature drops or rises too much. As we invest in continuous training of our drivers, they have careful instructions on how to act in case of temperature deviations. If necessary, the driver drives to the nearest refrigerated warehouse, where the load is unloaded or moved to another vehicle. We strictly follow our self-control system. Scandic Trans extensive cooperation networks around Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark ensure excellent security in exceptional situations.

Transport of food

+2 ... +4 C°
-22 ... +25 C°

Scandic Thermo fleet:

45 vehicles, of which 35 are suitable for frozen goods transport
Loading meters up to 21,2
pallet places: up to 102 (double deck)
Equipped with real-time temperature monitoring

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