AKT has issued a strike warning
Labour negotiations continue, but if no agreement is reached, the strike will start on 15 February. at 00:00 and will end on 21.2.2023 at 24:00.
The strike will not affect Scandic Trans directly, but it will affect our partners.
We are following with the situation. If the strike spreads, we will do everything we can to find alternative transport solutions.
The strike could have an impact on transport, prices and capacity in the long term. //2.2.2023

With us you always get a name – we have chosen to call him Johnny. But it might as well be Yvonne in the finance department, Jesse behind the wheel or Jan at traffic planning. All of us at Scandic Trans Is simply Johnny with you every day of the week.

Scandic Trans has been engaged in international road transport in Scandinavia and Europe for over thirty years with a focus on safety, punctuality and reliability.

When you work with us at Scandic Trans it is your comfort to always receive the same personal treatment and the same proactive service at each transport.

Our services

Our long experience in road transport ensures your transport all the way and we can tailor the assignment for your particular cargo. Our staff have all the necessary and up-to-date training to handle transport safely and correctly. 

We can handle everything from temperature sensitive products to dangerous goods, door to door. In addition to this, we also offer storage space and forwarding services if necessary. How can we be of service?