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Scandic Trans journey forward has continued at a good pace during the year. The company now has a permanent base of operations in southern Finland, with warehouse, terminal, distribution and offices in Vantaa, as well as an office branch in the southern part of Ostrobothnia, namely in Lappfjärd. Marko Äbb and Niklas Ahlroos are responsible for traffic management in Norway and Denmark.
The fourth edition of Delivered has been sent out to several thousand recipients over the past week. The magazine is now an important and recurring part of Scandic Trans's communication and marketing strategy.
In this autumn's issue of Delivered, readers had the opportunity to meet economic veteran Johnny Åkerholm, who gave his views on the economic situation in Finland and the effect the pandemic will have on our economy. Six months have passed since the interview was done – did it turn out as he predicted?
The last quarter of 2021 on Scandic Trans it has been characterized by positive "concerns". Volume increases, new customers, new routes and a great need for new hires have kept management more than busy and the plans that have already been made to start up a new terminal in the Helsinki metropolitan area are finally being realised.
As the year draws to a close, we would like to thank all our fantastic customers and partners for making this year possible. Let's move forward together stronger from this, helping each other succeed and working towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

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