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Much more than you think can be automated. This is stated by CEO Mikael Löfqvist together with Johan Lövdahl, who works with invoicing at Scandic Trans but which has also made digitalisation its own "baby".
Orkla Suomi consists of Orkla Foods Finland and Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland's two leading food companies. In addition to them, Orkla Care Finland develops textiles as well as products for personal well-being as well as cleaning and household.
As last year, the magazine is published in both Swedish and Finnish, as well as in digital version also in English. With the magazine we want to share the year that has passed Scandic Trans and all that it has meant in the form of news, challenges and collaborations.
The importance of a strong we spirit increases further if you do not meet your colleagues daily - after a period of teleworking, joint recreation days become even more important.
A lot going on-- that's how you can sum up Scandic Trans current mode. The company's staff and drivers work hard to provide customers and all partners with the service we promise, despite the current pandemic and increased transport volumes.
"In our choice of logistics partners, we look primarily at the whole. Of course, the fleet should be fit and meet all requirements and regulations in food transport, staff must be trained in industry standards, but other factors also play an important role.
In spring 2020, an investment was made in a new IT department Scandic Trans head office. A team was created to better seize the opportunities offered by today's technology.
With just over three years to go until retirement, Juha Rekilä is one of the few drivers who has been with Scandic Trans from the very beginning – for over 30 years. He's been driving a truck all his adult life, and yet he's still happy to go off to work. Getting full-time off is not something he's waiting for.
Scandic Trans 's own customer magazine Delivered was published for the first time in 2019, and the aim is to publish a new magazine every autumn. Work on the next issue, the third in a row, has already begun and content planning is now in full swing. The magazine will feature everything from current projects within the company to introductions to partners and customers.
Heidi Schauman, Chief Economist of Swedbank Finland, was featured in this year's issue of our customer magazine Delivered. This spring's interview was conducted in the midst of a pandemic, and Heidi noted that no one can predict exactly how much Finland's GDP will fall this year.

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