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In October 2023, the EU revised the CO2 standards for new heavy-duty vehicles and the emission reduction requirements for 2030 were raised from 30% to 45%. By 2040, emissions for new trucks must be reduced by 90 per cent of 2019 levels. This means that, in the long term, emission-free transport will no longer be just a competitive factor; it will also be a prerequisite for winning procurements and doing business. Scandic Trans thus continues to focus on and take the lead on the green transition in the industry in Finland.
Nothing is constant – the world changes, all the time, whether we like it or not. Change is, or at least should be, an integrated part of our everyday life – a completely obvious normality. Those of us who do not move and develop will lose – or at least will not win.
Den fjärde upplagan av Delivered har under senaste veckan skickats ut till flera tusen mottagare. Tidningen är numera en viktig och återkommande del av Scandic Trans’ kommunikations- och marknadsföringsstrategi.
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