A new office in South Ostrobothnia

Scandic Trans journey forward has continued at a good pace during the year. The company now has a permanent base of operations in southern Finland, with warehouse, terminal, distribution and offices in Vantaa, as well as an office branch in the southern part of Ostrobothnia, namely in Lappfjärd. Marko Äbb and Niklas Ahlroos are responsible for traffic management in Norway and Denmark.

Leading up to 2019, traffic to and from Norway decreased for several reasons: tough competition, cooperation partners that closed down their businesses and a changed network of contacts in the market

- Richard Romar, who had previously worked with the Norway transports, moved over to sales and has made a very positive contribution there,” says CEO Mikael Löfqvist.

Later on Marko Äbb, who over many years worked as a driver for Scandic Trans between Finland and Norway, moved from his driver’s seat to the office and decided to have another go at the Norwegian market. His work produced more and more transport runs and the dialogue between Richard and Marko grew.

As transport volumes have increased, at the turn of the year 2021-22 another transport manager for Norway and Denmark traffic, Niklas Ahlroos, was hired.

“Because it’s important that all communication is in real time and that the people working in the same market sit close to each other, we decided to open and have an office close to Markos’s and Niklas’s home,” Löfqvist explains.

“Our Norway-Denmark Team has now seen to it that the business in these countries is flourishing again. They visit the Vaasa office and work there with their colleagues a few days a month. But as traffic in Norway, and even in Denmark, is different from other areas due to the EU and special vehicle combinations, it makes sense to have a team for those countries,” says Löfqvist.

Ahlroos and Äbb confirm that they have good communication with Scandic Trans’ other offices.

“Freight flow has increased remarkably over the past two years. The biggest challenge is to utilize the trucks to the maximum. As far as the Norway transports are concerned, we also deal with customs documents and they can sometimes cause challenges, but we enjoy both remote working and working in the new office,” Ahlroos concludes.

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