High marks for Scandic Trans in this year's customer survey

For many years, Scandic Trans have regularly performed customer surveys. A systematic follow-up of the results has been observed since 2014. The average grade was already back then peaking - 4,3 on a scale from 1 to 5. Nevertheless, this year's survey topped all previous results with the average result of 4,75.

- Customer Satisfaction can be viewed as a form of quality measure, Reko Märsylä states, who works as the head when compiling the results for the customer survey. Scandic Trans also have other ways of measuring the customer’s satisfactory grade - this is one of them and is performed approximately every second year.
The survey is quick to fill out as a web-questionnaire, sent to every customer through an e-mail.

Generally, in all surveys, it is usually the dissatisfied customers as well as the most satisfied customers that primarily choose to fill out the questionnaire.
- - The customers that choose not to respond, usually have nothing to complain about. It is usually not heard about things if they work like anticipated, Märsylä smiles.
Some 30 replies were received in this year’s survey, and almost exclusively positive response.

The customers got to grade Scandic Trans’ availability, expertise, approachability as well as evaluate the promised transport schedule and the authenticity of the invoices.
From the answers, we can conclude the following:
Very good service from e-mail as well as through calls”, “Pleasant staff, always courteous”, “A very reliable partner” and “It is a pleasure to do business/be in contact with your people”.

In order to compare the results from time to time, the same questions are used every year since 2014, the average grade has gradually increased from 4,3 to 4,75 on a scale of 5.
- We can conclude that the development work we accomplished has paid off. A lottery for a gift card was held amongst every answering participant - the winner this time was Outi Viljanen.

Text and photo: Anna Sand

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