Scandic Trans new terminal in Vantaa

The last quarter of 2021 on Scandic Trans it has been characterized by positive "concerns". Volume increases, new customers, new routes and a great need for new hires have kept management more than busy and the plans that have already been made to start up a new terminal in the Helsinki metropolitan area are finally being realised.

- Operations at the new terminal in Vantaa will start up as early as the beginning of December, says CEO Mikael Löfqvist. The new location is part of our long-term plan, but we have had difficulty finding suitable space, in the right size for our needs.

Now it has finally happened and Scandic Trans initially rents new warehouse space covering 1700m2 and office space of 250m2.
- The aim is to simultaneously start up the search for a site where we can build our own in a few years, says Löfqvist further.

Part of the operational traffic management is now moving to Vantaa, where new jobs will also be needed in the future - including at the head office in Korsholm.

- During the autumn, Scandic Trans has gained a new, large partner and we are dealing with large volumes - seven to eight vehicle combinations a day that we drive from Sweden to Turku and Helsinki.
Some of these go via terminal, others directly out to the store.

- We now carry about 50% of this customer's total volume to Finland, reveals Löfqvist, and we have every reason to come back to this later on.

Text: Anna Sand
Photo: Scandic Trans

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